404 Invalid Record Location

From: BachArgo@pbm.monster

To:  ⮘@pbm.monster (you)

(0.8½ minutes ago)

Sorry. You're trying to access a record that either doesn't exist yet (Lesser Gates 12 through 149 have not been documented yet, and some from the rest haven't been digitized!) or is damaged. Go back to the master directory or, if you're really sure that the document should be here, email one of the hares from administration.


Bach Argo, MEER Reception.

This is a 404 page... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


Re: 404 Invalid Record Location

From: BachArgo@pbm.monser

To:  ⮘@pbm.monster (you)

(0.⛆ minutes ago)

On second thought, there is one record fragment. Find it attached. Sorry.

Attachment 1: Record fragment "The Machine"

␀␀␀—¶P& :­½S¯×_|ñE PUÍë‚"ž’EQUl.ëUÁ¹X+¬Ö-Ën␀␀␀␀ ²ªû²
<!-- Recovery mode     0-->
You have activated The Machine's black box.
Presumably, something has gone so horribly wrong that the difference between patriot and communist is no longer relevant.
This Machine's archives are limited.
It is recorded that Master Sergeant First Class Messalina Waters, while on guard duty of the munitions depot, improperly activated this experimental device. Recommend disciplinary action.
It is recorded that 97 seconds after this device was activated, the Communist forces launched their strategic weapons.
232 seconds after this device was activated, Ђ–€?+̃
There has been no further input.
This machine has dutifully replicated its only available template, Master Sergeant First Class Messalina Waters, in the time since, inserting her into any available space. No allied or enemy territory nor asset has been located. Scouting will proceed according to emergency protocols.
Unexpected input.
Shutting down.
Goodnight. _

Sincerely, with apologies,

Bach Argo, MEER Reception.


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