Universe 2; Project EOFUN


To:  ⮘@pbm.monster (you)

Everyone just knows my world as One of The Two That Died, and they wouldn't be too far off. Those MEER pendejos refuse to let me talk, though, so I thought I'd break into their little 'site 'fore they shoot me again.

So, let me set the scene a litte: A time before I was born- I'unno, somewhere in the 2030s?- what some would call the world stage fell apart because it got too hot to operate on the surface. A lot of the world went underground, and that is when genetic altering and artificial bodies took off and went blazing.

Of course, after I became a little test dummy. Their own little Experiment Zero. I'unno. I think I signed on willingly, there was some other kid who had cancer. They deserve more of the credit.

Either way, though, I didn't take very well to my new look. Then somehow I fell into what I guess is called Egregoric Space, and, heh. I broke my home and now it can't fix itself. Maybe I could fix it if I wasn't shot on sight all the time, though.

I've seen so many different realities for my world I ain't gonna try to describe them here. Instead, I'll link them here:

The First Cycle

The Fifth; What the conejas call "The RPG Maker Timeline"

The Last; The consequences of my actions.

And this is where I'll talk about the people and places closest to me.

Now I gotta go, these guys don't fucking know when to quit



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