M(ultiversal) E(nforcement) E(xecution) R(egime) d.b.a. MEER

A Primametan group to maintain the Universe Gates. They have been around in some form for a very, very long time, but not so long ago were dissolved, under a different name, during an ultimately failed coup attempt by Leda, Mother of Grifters. During this brief power struggle, when MEER and its predecessors were not around to prevent it, Lesser Universes 2 and 3 were lost by unknown mechanisms, their gates rendered unusable. Accordingly, they were recommissioned with a new name and a coat of paint.

The organization is headquartered between the Imp Kingdom and the Insect Mandate. There, they have a fortress of types, though its function is as a prison and training center rather than defensive stronghold.

MEER recruits skilled but lowborn Primametans to be their elite agents. For footsoldiers, low-level administrative staff, and cannon fodder, they take in criminals otherwise condemned to death, as well as recruiting from the Lesser Universes. Depending on the nature of the asset and the severity of their need, they may do this with words alone, however, it is not uncommon for Lesser Denizens to be kidnapped and "conditioned" by Primametan MEER operatives.


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