Dreamscape; Take with a grain of salt.

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So, this shouldn't even be included in the records. There is no gate to this universe, because it probably doesn't even exist. I'm only putting this here because the lagomorphs from Administration told me it was important, even though this all came to them in a dream. If there were a Lesser Universe like this, we would know about it. Anyway, documentation enclosed.

Attachment 1: Setting?

The "Dreamscape" world is an odd, highly-advanced space colony. The wildlife is hostile, so the cities are walled and interconnected. There are four main cities forced to live together as such, sprawled from the first original space colony.

Attachment 2: Dreamers?

There are some "Dreamers" here; mostly children who can manifest things from their dreams into reality. Honestly I think that's what the lagomorphs did with this "universe" of theirs. Things from the dream world can be objects or even sentient beings, dubbed "dreamborn."

Attachment 3: Shluckens?

The lagomorphs tell me specifically of three sheep-folk. Luella, "little Cheese Ball," a young Dreamer living in "Menulis," and her dads, Lee Soleil and Saturne.

Sincerely, and with annoyance,

Bach Argo, MEER Reception.


Don't listen to Bach.

From: Lagomorphs@MEER

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The Dreamscape is real. The Dreamers can see through the eyes of the gates. They see not all, but random pieces of everything.

With love,

Amey from Administration.


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