The Last to Fall, Act 0: Evening

Long, long ago, before MEER, before anyone now living, the ancestors of the Primametans set a plan in motion to save the few remaining worlds from the Elder Beast, That Which Contains In Itself All, The End. To this end, they took and manipulated its offspring, holding their half-developed jaws open and, through magicks long forgotten, channeled the fabric of reality from the Elder Beast's maw into the child's stomach, reformed from a digestion chamber to a sort of cyclic emulator, playing the last moments (on a cosmic scale) of the world again and again. An interactible archive of what was, and what would have been lost. The first few efforts were flawed, to say the least. When their first attempt failed entirely, they dubbed it the Zeroth act of the project's history. Unimportant context for what they would later achieve. MEER Administration still believes there to be a world in the Elder Beast's stomach, its infinite boundaries closing in at the speed of darkness. We can't visit there; the Elder Beast, though dying, still has a functioning maw. None which enters returns. However, scraps of information have been relayed to us over the years by individuals who claim to be able to communicate with the Elder Beast. Find them enclosed, and lament the last failure of Primameta.


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